Jesse’s Girls

L.P. Boon translator Frank Vlaeminck suggested that in addition to The Geuzen Book, I should also make illustrations for his translation of Jesse’s Girls, Boon’s account of the Charles Manson murders in the late sixties. I was reluctant at first, there is already so much graphic material of these events, was there anything I could add? I gradually immersed myself in the text and the solution came naturally. The cover painted with Ecoline on water color paper is a charged image of the villa where the horrific murders took place. The pencil drawings are illustrations for Revelation to John, the final book of the New Testament and an important inspiration for Charles Manson, which runs through the book as a parallel storyline. There is one drawing for every chapter.

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cover, crime scene
1/ Is this tomorrow’s world?
A beautiful evening in August
2/ A beautiful August evening
3/ Four long months
Book view
4 How we did it
4/ How we did it
5 The camp
5/ The camp
6 The trial
6/ The trial